Feb 03, 2016
Hon’ble Chief Justice of Lahore High Court Mr. Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan planting a Mango tree in the lawn of Lahore High Court Multan Bench. Hon’ble Mr. Justice Muhammad Qasim Khan and President High Court Bar Association Bahawalpur are also present there.
Feb 03, 2016
Hon’ble Chief Justice of Lahore High Court Mr. Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan addressing at annual dinner hosted by the High Court Bar Association Multan. Hon’ble Judges working at LHC Multan Bench and office bearers of the Bar are also present at the stage.
Jan 30, 2016

The Hon’ble Chief Justice of Lahore High Court, Mr. Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan has said that no one can deny the importance of sentencing process in administration of criminal justice. The topic of criminal sentencing is frequently at the fore front of criminal justice debate. No aspect of criminal justice has aroused as much concern among jurists, legal fraternity and public at large as the sentencing of convicted offenders. He said in view of importance of the subject, sentencing guidelines have also laid down by constitutional courts from time to time in our jurisdiction. His lordship said this while addressing to the participants of one-day workshop on “Sentencing” at Punjab Judicial Academy. Hon’ble Mr. Justice Muhammad Anwaarul Haq, Hon’ble Justice of Supreme Court of Ghana, Mr. Justice Akamba, Director General PJA, Justice (R) Ch. Shahid Saeed and Registrar LHC were also present there.

Jan 29, 2016
Honourable Senior Puisne Judge of Lahore High Court, Mr. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah presided over a meeting to discuss the progress on Enterprise Level Solution for Lahore High Court and District Judiciary. Key representatives from LHC IT Section, PITB, Techlogix & Speridian were also present there. Parameters, scope, hardware & infrastructure and different ideas about the project were discussed.


Jan 25, 2016
Development of Enterprise solution for LHC launched
Jan 20, 2016

Speech of Hon’ble Chief Justice Mr. justice Ijaz Ul Ahsan, Lahore High Court, Lahore on the occasion of foundation stone Ceremony of Judicial Complex at Kamonke on 02.01.2016 Saturday.

Jan 13, 2016

Honourable Senior Puisne Judge of Lahore High Court, Mr. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah has said that case-flow management will enhance access to timely and affordable justice for all citizens. His lordship also welcomed this opportunity to discuss mechanisms for cooperation between the bench and the bar towards procedural reforms and improved ‘case-flow management’. Mr. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah shared this while addressing at the Symposium on “Case-flow Management for Key Justice System Stakeholders”. Hon’ble Judges of Lahore High Court, Mrs. Justice Ayesha A. Malik and Mr. Justice Abid Aziz Sheikh, Registrar Lahore High Court, Mr. Tariq Iftikhar Ahmad, District & Sessions Judge, Lahore, Mr. Nazir Ahmad Gajana, representative of Punjab Prosecution Department and President Lahore High Court Bar Association, Pir Masood Chishti were also present there. The participants discussed collaboration towards significant legal and court reforms that are essential to ensure more efficient, just and predictable functioning of the Punjab justice system. At the Symposium, Dr. Osama Siddique shared with participants the findings and recommendations of recent unprecedented statistical research into the causes of backlog and delay in Punjab district courts. The research was undertaken by the European Union Punjab Access to Justice Project (EU-PA2J), with the support of the Lahore High Court. Similar research in district prosecution offices is currently underway with the support of the Punjab Public Prosecution Department. 

Dec 30, 2015

A meeting was conducted in the chamber of Hon’ble Mr. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah to discuss future vision of e-Court that will be incorporated in upcoming Enterprise Solution “Case Management System”. Said meeting was attended by representatives from MS Techlogix, MS Speridian and LHC IT Team. His lordship explained various existing processes that need to be automated for fully functional e-Court & paperless environment. All the participants unanimously agreed upon the automation vision floated by his lordship and to meet on fortnightly basis for progress review.

Dec 29, 2015

With great sorrow and a heavy heart, we announce the sad demise of our Hon’ble Mr. Justice Arshad Mahmood Tabassum on 27.12.2015. He was born in 1959 at Rawalpindi. He had an outstanding career, first as a practicing lawyer and then as a Judge in the district judiciary. In view of his outstanding qualities and professionalism, he was elevated to the Bench on 29.10.2013. During his tenure as Judge of this Court, he made valuable contributions to the jurisprudence of the High Court and rendered a number of outstanding judgments. He will be greatly missed by his friends and colleagues on the Bench and will be remembered for his sterling qualities of the head and the heart. We all share this sad moment with his family. May Almighty Allah bless his soul.